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Guided Meditations

In our fast paced world of texts, snaps, emails and 24 hour news, self care, relaxation and recharging are essential in living a magical life full of prosperity and happiness. 

Countless scientific studies prove meditation helps relieve mental chatter and increases inner peace.


Regular meditation will assist in releasing stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

All of these energies are created by dwelling on the past and or worrying about the future. 


Meditating and focusing on the breath while dropping into the heart space allows for living in the present moment and experiencing feelings of happiness, joy and contentment right now! 

Did you know?


Meditation improves sleep, body awareness, self-awareness, regulates emotions, increases attention spans and mental comphrension. 

Future Self Guided Meditation
Future Self Guided Meditation - Kristen Alexander
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Quantum Light Guided Meditation
Quantum Light Guided Meditation - Kristen Alexander
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