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The month of March has been full of energy shifts, upgrades, activations and downloads. I have been so busy with clients and my personal life that I've barely had time to keep up with all of them.

Yet it is very important for everyone to be aware that consciousness is up-leveling and thus DIAMOND LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS can and will be felt in the physical body as the ascension process kicks into high gear...

As geo-magnetic storms, solar wind and photon packages of light from our SUN make their way to EARTH they bring with them DNA upgrades, chakra and light body activations which can result in brain fog, dizzy spells, flu like symptoms and exhaustion.

Personally, ascension symptoms have been hitting me really hard since Jan 1 and so I've had to make self love, self care and self nurturing an even bigger priority.

Jupiter, (where it rains DIAMONDS) has been in retrograde since March 8 while sitting in the sign of Scorpio. This means DIAMOND LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS will cut thru Bull $hit or misunderstandings so the truth can SEEN.

This weekend I discovered there was terrible misunderstanding and miscommunication between a few family members and myself that left all involved feeling hurt and resentful. Thankfully, the DIAMOND CODES cut through the muck and now healing can take place. I already feel so much better now that the TRUTH has been revealed.

Be on the look out for TRUTH BOMBS in your LIFE and in the NEWS. We will experience the microcosm of the DIAMOND LIGHT CODES as we simultaneously watch the macrocosm play out via the collective...

Have a magical Monday! Love you...xoxo K

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