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Awakened Wealth

"Now, because of taking this course I feel worthy of love and abundance. I look at my finances totally differently and actually look forward to paying the bills. 

- Joseph, NY, NY

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The Awakened Wealth Course Includes 5 items: 
  • Class 1: What is Awakened Wealth and Prosperity? 
  • Class 2: Understanding the Frequency & Vibration of Abundance 
  • Class 3: The Infinite Universe & Dharma - 4 Prosperity Symbols (will be emailed to you upon purchase) 
  • Class 4: Question and Answer 
Please email us if you have technical difficulties with the download. 

The Following will be covered in this Course: 
  • Clear Poverty Karma and Limiting Beliefs associated with Money, Wealth and Prosperity 
  • Learn How to Tune into the Vibration of Adunance 
  • Learn How to Ground yourself so opportunities and money can find you 
  • Learn How to Pay it Forward 
  • Activate New Channels for Prosperity
  • Experience Thousands and Thousands of Energetic Healing, DNA Activations and Multi-Demensional Upgrades 
  • Experience Guided Quantum Meditations and Deep Relaxation 
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