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Spring Equinox Twin Flame Oracle Card Reading

This TF Reading is for all Awakened Lovers... including TF's who have not met on the Earth plane, TF's who have met but are not speaking or dating and TF who are dating or married.

The Angels of Love guided me to pull a card from the Saints and Angels Oracle Deck.

I pulled, "Look Deeper, Guardian Angel."

What came to mind when you first saw the card and read the message?

This card is inviting you to take a deeper look into your TF relationship as there is information you are not aware of. Your Guardian Angel want to bring something important to your attention. You can easily connect to your Angel's wisdom and guidance by being still and and listening to your inner truth via your heart chakra.

Also, this card reminds us to pay attention to signs, intuitive hits and synchronistic clues as they are divine guidance about your TF union from your Guardian Angel.

xoxo K

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