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Mediumship Advancement
Regular Price: $310 ($88 audio class + $222 1 Hour Private Session with Kristen)
Exclusive Special Offer Includes:

Audio Class 1.5 hours (Pre-recorded)

- Energetic Clearing (aura clearing & chakra balancing)

- Karma Clearing (clearing outdated past life vows or oaths)

- Understanding the different Realms of Light

- Connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels (how to spot an imposter)

- Learn the "Go Direct" Process

- Activate dozens of Divine Channels:

(Angelic, Ascended Master, God/Goddess and Celestial Beings)

- And so much more...

One on One with Kristen: 1 hour

- 1 Hour Private Session with Kristen via Skype

- Get acquainted your personal Spirit Guides and Angels

- Identifing your indivual Mediumship and Channeling goals

- Create an action plan to achieve goals

- Identify & Activate your Unique Chaneling Abilties

- Update existing Divine Channells

- Activate dozens of NEW CHANNELS

After making a payment please email us. We will be in touch with the link to download the Audio-Class & available dates and times to schedule your One-on-One.
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