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The Awakened Way

"Hands down, the best on-line spiritual course I have ever taken. This experience willl make your life magical in every way.

Worth every penny!"

- Selene, Brighton UK 

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The Awakened Way Course Includes 6 items: 
  • 20 minute Video Introduction with Activation (the link will be emailed to you after purchase
  • Class 1: What is the Awakened Way? 
  • Class 2: Awaken Inner Riches - What does "thriving" look like? 
  • Class 2a: Brain Balance Activation 
  • Class 3: Thrive in 5D - Personally, Professionally & Spiritually 
  • Class 4: Question and Answer 
Please email us if you have technical difficulties with the download 
The Following will be covered in this Course: 
  • Learn How to get out of your own way
  • Learn How to "BE" rather than always doing
  • Learn How to Take Inspired Action  
  • Experience Thousands and Thousands of Energetic Healing, DNA Activations and Multi-Demensional Upgrades 
  • Experience Guided Quantum Meditations and Deep Relaxation 

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