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"I am healing parts of myself that I didn’t ever know needed healing. My relationship with my twin flame feels better and better everyday. Also, I have so much energy lately. Thank you for you healing work."


Iris , Santa Monica CA

"Now I understand why you call you magical Kristen. It (Awakened Love) has been far beyond my expectations. During this time I have found out so much. For the first time in my life, I love myself. There have even been more, can't tell you all. It has been fantastic, it has changed my life. You're awesome, Kristen! Thank you again, I'm so grateful <3"


Hakan, Sweden 

What is the goal of the Awakened Love Course? 
To experience Awakened Love within yourself. 

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Awakened Love Invitation & Heart Chakra Activation - Kristen A.
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Who is the Awakened Love Course for?
  • ​Both Men and Women
  • Married, Dating or Single 
  • Those on an Awakening Journey
  • Twin Flames who have not met on the Earth plane as of yet
  • Twin Flames who have met but are currently not dating and or speaking
  • Twin Flames who are currently dating or married 
  • Healer, Coaches, Light-workers, Star-Seeds, Empaths and Awakened Lovers
The Awakened Love Course Schedule:
  • Introduction to Awakened Love
  • Week 1: Class 1 / Video Activation 1 & 2 
  • Week 2: Class 2 / Video Activation 3
  • Week 3: Class 3 / Video Activation 4 
  • Week 4: Class 4 / Video Activation 5 
  • Grande Finale: 11/11 & 12/12 Portal Video Activations
  • Final Thoughts mp3 
  • ​Bonus Mp3: New Years Guided Meditation Mp3 
The Audio (mp3) Classes are approximately 90 minutes.
Video Activations are between 10-20 minutes. 

The Awakened Love Course Includes 14 items: 
  • Welcome to Awakened Love (mp3)
  • Class 1: Inner Self Transformation & Inner Child Healing (mp3)
  • Class 2: Sacred Relationship Healing (mp3)
  • Class 3: True Love Stories Never End Vision Quest (mp3)
  • Class 4: Question and Answer (Part 1 & 2)
  • (6) Video Activations (approximately 20 minutes each)
  • Final Thoughts (mp3)
  • Bonus: New Years Guided Meditation (mp3)
The Following will be covered in this Course: 
  • Clear Outdated Love Karma
  • Learn what Awakened Love means
  • Learn how to Heal Heart- Ache, Heart-break & Heart-Scars 
  • Learn How to Love Yourself & Practice Self Care 
  • Learn how Awakened Love leads to personal Ascension 
  • Learn How to connect to your Twin Flame Union Space
  • Activate New Channels for Love in all forms 
  • Experience Thousands and Thousands of Energetic Healing, DNA Activations and Multi-Demensional Upgrades 
  • Experience Guided Quantum Meditations and Deep Relaxation